101 questions

This site has been started with the simple idea of sharing beautiful questions all around love,
true personality, art & architecture, nature, and the loveliness of fashion;

Discover items, sites, brands, thoughts, ask and finde, life your unique everyday image vernissage;

Open art project, totally copyleft, crowd-sourced and open for new thoughts.

Be a writer, pick a question, write an article and share it with the world,
feel free to share this idea, send additional questions or your answers.

  • What is style?
  • How not to grow up in the right manner?
  • Uniform and unique?
  • What is happiness?
  • … working article


After my studies in intermedia design, a crazy project for a very huge bank with a teaching team from stanford university and university of st. gallen i’d like to revive new thoughts into this project.

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